Nixon's new Spectra Automatic watch is a gender neutral, statement making timepiece. The product team weighs in on what went into its creation.

Why We Made It: Spectra

Nixon is possibly best known for good looking watches fit for use in action sports. But another major commitment we have is to design watches that won’t break your bank account... but look like they could have.

And that's where one of our newest watches comes in.

Introducing Spectra, our new Automatic watch for men and women.

What makes the Spectra unique? And how did our product team end up at the final look? Find out below.

The Starting Idea

Automatic watches are throwbacks to a bygone era of watchmaking. In place of batteries, they rely on mechanics and physical movement for power. Today, they’re a staple in all the best watch collections.

Automatic watches tend to be limited to exclusive wearers, or those simply interested in spending the big bucks. That’s where the story behind Spectra begins.

Before there were thoughts of including an exhibition window to give wearers a look inside the Spectra, there was just a simple desire to make an Automatic watch that felt like us, like Nixon.

The product team also wanted to make a watch that was gender neutral. And if you know watches, you know this is no small task.

Every detail from the indices to the case size had to be meticulously dialed in to maintain appeal for both men and women.

Spectra Design Inspiration

The Nixon product team leaned into ideas from modern home design to create the new Automatic watch, Spectra.

A man carrying a bag wears a Nixon Spectra Automatic watch

The exhibition window of Spectra was not even a thought at the start of the process. But it made the final product. So, how did we get there?

It all starts with the movement. The Japanese movement of MIYOTA is a tribute to beauty by design. Our exhibition window displays the greatness of the Automatic engineering at work to turn the dial into a display always in motion.

Lume tips on all three hands maintain Spectra’s utility at night. And dimensional applied indices give an added layer of depth to the watch dial.

Next, we’ll share who Spectra is for and the occasions for which we envision it to be worn.

Women wearing a Nixon Spectra Automatic watch in the driver seat of a car

Who Is Spectra For?

Spectra was built with both men and women preferences in mind. The current color options of silver, gold and black are all gender neutral. And all stunningly beautiful.

Spectra is also a great everyday watch and conversation starter. Just be prepared to take it off regularly to show curious minds the window on the back.

In addition to being great for daily life, Spectra can help you get dressed up. Whether you’re attending an anniversary dinner, a wedding, graduation or even just going to work—the Spectra won’t look out of place.

For more information on watch specs and available color options, visit the Spectra product page.