Hitting us up long-distance, two Nixon collectors told us why the 51-30 Chrono is their favorite watch. Blake Patjens reached out from a small island near Seattle. Scott Borgfjord told his tale from across the Canadian border.

Check out their collections and get insider 51-30 tips below.

Blake Patjens and his Nixon 51-30 watch collection

Blake Patjens and his Nixon watch collection

What’s your favorite Nixon 51-30 Chrono? Do you have any wild customs?

Blake: Without a doubt, my favorite 51-30 is my lucky 7 of 300 from the Nixon x Metallica Collab. My wildest custom is a Frankenstein built from 3 broken 51-30s. I currently have a collection of 92 Nixon watches, 9 of which are 51-30s.

Scott: My All Rose Gold 51-30 is my favorite. I don't have any crazy customs, but my Camo 51-30 is pretty unique and I get lots of compliments on it.

Scott Borgfjord and his prized Nixon 51-30 Chrono
Scott Borgfjord and his prized Nixon 51-30 Chrono

What got you hooked on Nixon and this specific watch?

Blake: I got hooked on Nixon in 2007 after I walked into a local Zumiez and saw the classic White Nixon Rotolog. After that I was hooked. I purchased every color and theme I could, and eventually found out about the king—the 51-30. I have some that are very rare, never-worn collectibles still factory sealed, and some I wear every chance I get.

Scott: I like the size of them. Once I got used to the fit and feel of them, I don't like wearing anything else. I have big wrists so the size looks way better than a smaller watch. I do have a stainless steel Corporal that I wear sometimes when I'm wearing a dress shirt, but most days I wear one of my 51-30s.

When do you use the chronograph feature?

Blake: If and when I use the chronograph feature, I typically run it when I attend meetings or need to keep track of work-related time and labor, distance, or speed measures. For the most part, I like the chronograph style more than its benefits.

A classic Nixon 51-30 Chrono from the collection of Blake Patjens
A classic Nixon 51-30 Chrono from the collection of Blake Patjens

Scott: I use my chronograph feature when I barbeque. It works perfect for that.

Have you utilized its scuba diving capabilities? If not, what’s the craziest thing that went down while wearing the watch?

Blake: Scuba diving in the waters of Hawaii, the 51-30 worked like a charm!

Scott: The craziest thing I've done wearing the 51-30 would be sitting in the cockpit of a private jet, flying from Richmond BC to Winnipeg Canada in a couple hours while chatting with the pilot the whole way. Seeing the plane land and looking forward at the runway was quite the thrill!

What does your dream 51-30 look like, including bracelet, color combos and dial?

Blake: My ideal 51-30 would have a modern metallic gray bracelet, with an orange dial, white chronograph, and gray hands.

Scott: My dream 51-30 would have a brushed silver case, white dial with black letters, red chrono hand, and a black leather strap. That would match an old watch I used to wear when I was young, but have the size and style that I now enjoy with my 51-30s.

How many 51-30s have you gifted others or been gifted yourself? Do you have any highlights from those occasions?

Blake: I’ve gifted two 51-30s to friends in my days of collecting: a Chrome / White 51-30 and a fully repurposed Gunship 51-30. My friends liked them so much that they went out and bought more in different colors.

Scott: I haven’t gifted one yet, but I did get my Rose Gold 51-30 while on a trip to the Minneapolis, Minnesota Mall of America. It counted as an early birthday present from my wife so it’s a special one to me.

Do you have any trick tips for being a 51-30 owner and baller?

Blake: My advice for any 51-30 owner is to rock it daily and truly understand its toughness, or keep it clean and collect it. I do both. You can be a baller, too. Go get one!

A selection of Blake Patjens' Nixon collection including the Star Wars 51-30 Chrono
A selection of Blake Patjens' Nixon collection including the Star Wars 51-30 Chrono

Scott: I pull the crown out after wearing the watch, then I reset the time every morning when putting it on. This saves the battery life a lot, which is good especially if you have a few watches.

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