Zion Wright

Zion is known for his all-terrain abilities on his board, larger-than-life attitude and infectious charm. Getting his first skateboard when he was four years old, Zion has been dedicated since day one. From hometown hero in Jupiter, Florida, to turning pro for Real Skateboards, winning the coveted Tampa Pro and representing the U.S. at skateboarding’s Olympic debut—his hard work has clearly paid off. But he is far from finished.

Off the board, his style and personality attract everyone that surrounds him. When he’s not skating, Zion might be surfing, drumming or exploring other arts. He avoids a single label with ease. As someone who can skate transition as well as street, a person that can send 540s in a bowl and then hit a 20+ stair handrail in the same day, Zion is anything but ordinary.

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