Mikkel Bang

Born in Norway and shaped by the Scandinavian mountains, Mikkel Bang has earned the respect of snowboarders globally. Embracing the dichotomy between contest and backcountry, Mikkel can do it all. Known for his unique style and impossible lines, his riding is most impressive on big mountain faces where he can be caught treating rocks and trees like park features.

Mikkel is also dedicated to bringing his community together for a good time. As creator and host of The Bang Slalom, his vision to feature the best local and international riders while also welcoming anyone to join has become a reality. Mikkel knows how to keep snowboarding fun and creative, while he himself remains on the frontier of progression. 

Did we mention he won the inaugural Natural Selection Tour? If you don’t know, look it up. Mikkel made those massive venues look like playgrounds.

Follow along with Mikkel @mikkel_bang on Instagram.