It’s the start of summer and that means festival season, backpacking, camping, skate trips and beach hangs are all top of mind.

But there’s an age-old question that still needs to be answered: how do you carry road sodas as conveniently and efficiently as possible, while keeping them icy cold? The answer: a beverage cooler tube, of course!

Enter the Nixon Wizard Stick Beverage Sling, a cooler sleeve designed specifically to keep the good times rolling no matter the location.

Stuff it with six cans of your favorite craft beers, chilled sparkling waters, or any other canned beverages, throw it on your back, and rest assured they’ll stay cold... all while keeping your hands free!

A man pulls a beverage out of his Wizard Stick Beverage Sling cooler

Wizard Stick Beverage Sling FAQs

Here’s everything you need to know about the insulated beverage sling we affectionately call the Wizard Stick.

What is a sling cooler?

A sling cooler is simply a cylindrical bag with an insulating liner. The cylindrical design of the sling bag specifically accommodates beverage cans, like beers and sodas.

How do you use a beer sling like the Wizard Stick?

Beer slings are intuitive and easy-to-use. Just unzip the bag and stack your beverage of choice from top to bottom. The Wizard Stick Beverage Sling can carry a six-pack of 12oz beverages, or four 16oz beverages.

Once your cooler sleeve is loaded up, zip it and toss the sling on your shoulder! Your beverages will stay super cold, conveniently on your back and keeping your hands free. Until you open one of those tasty drinks, of course.

Can you wash insulated cooler bags like the Wizard Stick?

Yes, you can wash insulated cooler bags like the Wizard Stick Beverage Sling. But we don't recommend using a washing machine! Instead, handwash your beer sling with cold water and hang it to dry.

What are examples of when to use a beverage cooler sling?

There are many ideal situations to use a beverage cooler sling. Music festivals where you’re camping are a great example. Save yourself trips to and from your campsite by loading up your Wizard Stick Beverage Sling before you leave for the dance floor! Just make sure not to shake it too much or you’ll have a frothy mess on your hands.

The cooler sling comes in clutch when hitting toasty skate spots that involve hopping fences or hiking slopes, for example backyard pools and ditches. Sling it over the shoulder and leave your hands free to carry camera gear, boards and the boom box.

Another situation to use a cooler sleeve is for beach hangouts. If you don’t want to lug around a cooler along with all your other beach necessities, just load up a Wizard Stick and keep your hands free for other things!