In April 2022, Nixon partnered with SeaTrees, an arm of the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf, to plant mangrove trees in the Biak Island Region of Papua, Indonesia.

All month, purchases of items from our Sustainable product line were turned into mangrove trees. Each product sold became one tree planted! The trees sequester carbon, create critical habitat, and protect against storm surges.

Here's who SeaTrees is and what they do.

SeaTrees planting mangrove trees in Indonesia

SeaTrees Partnership Final Donation Numbers

The final numbers are in, and we are stoked to see how the Nixon community came through to support this initiative. 2075 Sustainable products were sold in April 2022, meaning we helped SeaTrees plant 2075 new mangrove trees! That’s not bad.

To put that into meaningful terms, that means we helped create the potential for over 622 metric tons of CO2 to be sequestered from the atmosphere over the mangrove trees' 25-year lifespan! That’s similar to eliminating an entire year’s worth of CO2 emissions from 135 passenger cars.

We also had the privilege of being joined by the SeaTrees team in our Carlsbad HQ. They presented on their cause and why it’s important.

SeaTrees presenting about their work to Nixon HQ

Nixon employees watch a SeaTrees and Sustainable Surf presentation

Nixon employees at Nixon HQ watch a presentation by Sustainable Surf and SeaTrees

For more information on the partnership, check out this post. Or visit SeaTrees to make a direct donation to their cause!