It's official, John John Florence is back and he's dropping 10-point wave scores like he never left. Congratulations to JJF on his return to competition and epic win at the Hale'iwa event. We reached out to hear how life has been behind-the-scenes this winter.

Find out what JJF has been ordering from Pūpūkea Grill, his strategy to win the digital Vans Triple Crown (again) and the rest of his North Shore routine. Read our seven(ish) question interview below with the humble, two-time World Champion and Olympian.

"The Triple Crown happens at three of my favorite waves... Hopefully I catch a few good waves and have a shot at winning again."

Olympics JJF talking to children before surfing a wave

Interview with John John Florence

1. What is going on behind the scenes in John Florence's life right now?

Suddenly, it feels like there is a lot going on. I’ve been doing a lot of equipment testing (boards, fins mostly) since we’re rolling into the competition year. I have a lot of fun ramping up into the contests. Spending a good amount of time in the gym getting stronger, and a lot of time doing in water drills/training. Other than that, we’ve been working hard on the Florence line, which has been a challenge but also a ton of fun.

2. Reading any good books?

Yes! Plenty of books. Right now, I’m reading a Dune prequel that tells the story of the Atredies family.

3. What about music? Anything new that you’ve found lately or rediscovered an old favorite?

I listen to a lot of the same music. Once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it. Someone new that I’ve been enjoying is Billie Eilish. I guess she has been around for a while, but I really like her music. Hard to beat Black Sabbath if I’m trying to get fired up.

What type of music do you listen to when sailing, and have you sailed anywhere lately?

When we’re sailing, we all take turns with the aux cord, so it’s usually an interesting mix of things hah! Since we tore the main sail coming home from and inter-island trip, we haven’t been able to sail.

4. What’s life like at home this winter? Waves? Events?

Lots of surfing. Waves have been fun, I really enjoy being home and getting to surf everyday with my brothers and friends.

So far, we had Haleiwa which was a lot of fun. Looking forward to Pipeline and Sunset as the first two events of the Tour this season. Should be a lot of fun getting to compete at home!

5. When you go to Pūpūkea Grill, what’s your favorite thing to order right now?

Right now, I’d say the cauliflower tacos. They’re really good. Special thanks to the ladies at the grill, they’re always so kind and welcoming.

What’s the story behind the water dispenser there; who’s idea was it and what’s the benefit?

We just thought it would be nice to offer a plastic free option for water, and YETI was kind enough to donate that silo for us. It’s nice to have everyone supporting something positive.

6. What kind of workout routines have you been doing lately? Who do you train with? What tools do you use?

I work out with my childhood friend Daniel Bachmann. He’s a personal trainer now, and he’s got a great gym right here on the North Shore. We do a lot of targeted exercise that helps with strengthening key muscles. We also work hard to create an activation routine that I use before events and most surfs. I also work with Kid Peligro, we do a nice mobility routine.

What tools do you use?

It’s dependent on what I’m focusing on, but in the gym I’ll use weights. If I’m just doing exercise on my own, I ride my bike a lot. Both on the road and in the mountains. Also, I do a lot of in water scenario exercises and drills. I’ll always have the HEAT on for those key moments.

7. Final questions; Vans Triple Crown… What do you think of the digital format?

I think the digital format is a lot of fun. It gives everyone the opportunity to bring some great submissions to the table. It’s fun seeing how we all push each other when the clips are uploaded.

How did you win last year?

I’m not too sure, just went out and had fun! I surfed a lot haha.

Are you doing it this year? If so, what’s your strategy?

Yes. Go out and have fun! The Triple Crown happens at three of my favorite waves. It’s really just about going out and enjoying myself. Hopefully I catch a few good waves and have a shot at winning again.

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